When your goal is to sell quality tasting beer, it pays to employ Happy Tap for superior cleaning, care and maintenance of your draught beer system. Happy Tap cleans & services all draught beer lines and components according to the National Brewers Association highest standards.

1. Turbulent Recirculation Flow 

2. Faucets Removed, Taken Apart, Cleaned & Sanitized  

3. Towers & Handles Cleaned & Sanitized

4. Keg Couplers Cleaned & Sanitized

5. Clean Leadlines

6. Replace Worn Washers

7. Minor Repairs (Tighten Handles, Clamps, etc.)

8. Diagnose Issues (Identify And Prevent Potential Problems)


Signs Of Bacterial Growth On Draught Components



Happy Tap Certification Benefits & Advantages


• Happy Tap flushes the draught lines after cleanings with water instead of using your beer

• Happy Tap’s cleaning provides a more efficient  & better-running draught system, resulting in less foaming

• Happy Tap does not require the use of your CO2 for cleanings

• Happy Tap’s cleaning process ensures your customers are drinking fresh tasting, quality beer

• Happy Tap simplifies the cleaning process by servicing all of your draught system and taps

• Happy Tap’s distinct signage and stickers allow  you to show your commitment to the Clean Beer Movement ™